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Use the independent online services to receive quotes for your energy supply. Micro and small enterprises can take advantage of the online pricing system or our knowledgeable energy broker service. Large industrial users with 00 meters require specialist advice to negotiate and procure their prices. Select your option below :

Management reporting

Restructure your bills to reduce market volatility and control your costs. Conduct contractual obligation audits to obtain market leading rates.

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Computer server room

A range of flexible solutions for large energy users. Options include group procurement, multi site tenders, meter installation & management.

Half Hourly Information

Broker team

The broker team can implement free enterprise reporting and analytical software tools to manage and improve consumption efficiencies.

Energy Broker Services

Price Comparisons From All Energy Companies

LightingRenewal letters are sent at the end of your current contract with increases of 20% or more. Standard direct tariffs from other suppliers enable you to maintain or lower your renewal prices.

Your Choice of Contracts

Time You'll be offered a range of options on fixed priced tariffs ranging from one to three years in duration. Switching to your new agreement takes between four and six weeks based on your renewal date.

If you don't terminate your current contract then your current energy supplier will invoke a "roll over" clause which means you will be with them for another year. The contract extension rates could be as high as 17p per kWh which is 54% above current average tariffs. Customer testimonials show each business obtained new contracts below their renewal letter offer.

What Are The Benefits of This Service?

Benefits and Options The energy team employed to help you has a combined experience of over 75 years. Each highly trained agent will fully understand your requirements and locate a tariff that is suitable for your unique requirements.

  • Our quotation service is completely impartial and takes just a few minutes of your time to receive accurate tariff information.
  • We don't favour one supplier over another
  • Fast, secure and friendly service for all business users

The B2B energy sector is regulated by Ofgem who have various powers to ensure fair play in the industry. There is a voluntary code of conduct administered by the Utilities Intermediary Association for third party intermediaries (TPIs). The Energy Savings Trust has information on efficiency measures you can introduce whilst the Carbon Trust advises businesses on reducing carbon emissions and legislation.